Hydraulic Tools Lifetime Warranties Information

There seems to be a big misunderstanding about Lifetime Warranties for hydraulic tools in our industry. The information below is only a guide line for the tools we sell. You should always read your warranty and contract the manufacturer for a full explanation.


1. Lifetime means the normal expected lifetime of the tool, not the owners lifetime. The tool lifetime will very with severity of use and the condition under which the tool is used.


2. Most Lifetime and non-lifetime Warranties will only cover defective material and workmanship. It will not cover such things as normal wear and tear, rust, damage, etc.


Think you get the idea. Copies of all warranties are available from us or the manufacturer.


3. Most tools, if defective, will fail in a very short period of time. One of the purposes for the Lifetime Warranty is to protect the user from major hidden defects that show up down the road. We very seldom see this problem with the quality controls in place today, if you buy quality products.


4. Why buy from out companies. We try very hard to make sure we sell quality products from our suppliers. If we have an known issue with a product, we will not sell it and we will make it right if there is a problem.


Many manufacturers go out of business, sell their companies to other companies who will not perpetuate the warranty even if you have time left on your warranty. If you buy the tool from us, we will take care of the warranty at our location. We can not do this for you if you have purchased the tool elsewhere.


Please contact us if you have any questions about your warranty.