Just a little history

Over the last 50+ years we have been in business, each of our suppliers has redesigned and updated each and every product they sell. These upgrades, can run from 1 or 2 to dozens of changes. The repairing customer has no way of knowing about these changes and even here at the service center we are kept in the dark most of the time.

Customers, who do not consult the factory, when ordering parts, will most likely end up with the wrong parts. Always make sure you have the correct parts drawing, that matches your particular product or you will end up with the wrong parts. Drawings must be matched to each product using the correct model number and serial number (date code) or you will end up paying expensive handling charges and shipping fees to return your items.


Another problem is the age of your product.

Over years of manufacturing you will find that very minor changes to the tolerance of parts may have changed but the manufacturer is still using the same part number for the parts. A part purchased today my fit today’s product but not the same product that was made 30 years ago by a different machine tool. You may also find you have to purchase additional parts to upgrade your product when interchangeable parts are redesigned.

Also, manufacturers will use the same model number for a product that has been made 30 years ago that they are making now but the product is 100% different.

We encourage customer to send as much information as possible including photos of their products and any indentifying marks to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This would be the best and fastest way to obtain the correct parts.

I could go on but I think you get the idea.

Good Luck.


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